Monday, November 3, 2008

3D custom girl uncensor patch

And here's an uncensored patch.
Rename the original ObsDX9.exe i.e. ObsDX9original.exe
Place the ObsDX9.exe from this .rar into the arcs folder.

Whenever you feel like going back to censored, just rename the original ObsDX9.exe back to the way it was etc.

Put TDCGLauncher.exe into the C:\Program Files\TechArts3D\3Dカスタム少女 directory.
Run it, and now you can determine the resolution or window it.
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Veiros said...

the file cuases my game to just freeze at the logo screen, the one right before the screen does its acid trip thing. running windows 7 64-bit

Vini Rodrigues said...

With me happens the same stuff....

Azho said...


SouL TaMaShi said...

please fix same issue